KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder distract squirrels in your backyard
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder with peek a boo holes to spot peanut treats
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder install kit and peanuts included
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder can be turned for new maze experience
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder with snap on screen for viewing of squirrel in maze
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder screen frame
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder arrives well packed and ready for quick assembly
KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder
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KingWood Squirrel Maze Feeder with Peanut Prize Bag

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✅ Sturdily constructed cedar plank squirrel maze

✅ Includes peanut reward starter kit

✅ Two 2 inch screws provided for pre-drilled install

✅ Rotate occasionally for new maze experience

✅ Ready to entertain squirrels and humans alike



Squirrels can be pesky!😡 But you can focus that energy, and maybe their destructive tendencies, by simply entertaining them elsewhere on your property.🏡 They are curios little critters, who always seem to need some kinda busy work. 🐿

In comes the KingWood Squirrel Maze.💡 This compact unit will keep your furry lil friends guessing and talking. Simply hang on your fence line, use the side port holes to place a peanut reward🥜 or 2 within the maze. Then sit and watch as they investigate and navigate the best way to retrieve their prize! So much fun! 🎉

A great addition to anyone's yard who enjoys the wilds of nature!🌳 Easily rotate the maze box for an all new squirrel experience! Good to keep them on their toes occasionally! Also great for capturing some truly shareable moments! 📷

✳️ Delivered in 3 pieces. Connect top and bottom with included hardware kit. Install. Then snap on screen cover.

✳️ Measures roughly 24 inch x 21 inch x 6 inch deep with screen. Approx. 3 inch wide tunnels, entry and exit holes.

✳️ Squirrel Maze Feeder install video available  on YouTube, come watch! 📲

✳️ We now offer FREE SHIPPING 📦 anywhere in the continental USA! Begin a SQUIRREL ADVENTURE today! 🐿

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