Frequently Asked Questions


What will I need to mount my KingWood Owl House Box?

An appropriate sized ladder, if possible, a spotter to hold the ladder, a powered or cordless drill, pruning shears to clear branches out of the way for the flight of the owl. 3 inch screws and washers supplied with the box

How high should I mount my KingWood Owl House Box?

We recommend mounting your KingWood Owl House 8-25 feet high, depending on the region and owl you are trying to attract to your owl house box.

What should I look for when choosing a mounting spot?

Make sure the owls have a clear flight path to and from the box, as well as being able to spot their prey.

Does it matter what direction the owl box is facing?

Typically you want to avoid it facing north, to prevent the cold drafts entering the owl house box. As well as facing towards an open field for prime hunting.

Do I need to clean out my KingWood Owl House Box?

We have made it it easy will our pull pin release bottom. We do know the routine of being 15 feet up on a ladder trying to accomplish something, is never a pleasurable chore. Therefore cleaning is optional, but for optimal success, we recommend cleaning annually.

When is the best time to mount my KingWood Owl House Box?

Anytime! Owls are always around scoping out nesting areas, they may not use it right away, but will remember for the future.

When is mating and nesting season?

For Screech, Saw-Whet, and other smaller to medium owls, mating and nesting season happens in the spring time.The larger owl species have been know to mate and breed all year long.

Are pesticides & rodenticides harmful to owls?

Yes. Owls can get secondary toxicity from eating the insects/rodents who eat the poison. So please be considerate to your neighborhood owls. Let them do the work!

How do Owls feel about their picture being taken?

Owls hopefully will pose for your photo ops. Keep a decent distance as to not spook them. Remember to turn your flash off. The bright light can damage sensitive owls eyes. 

 Do you have an Owl House for Great Horned Owls?

Great Horned Owls are typically open nesters. Usually overtaking birds nests up high in wooded areas. Sorry we do not currently provide any suitable nests for these amazing large raptors.