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KingWood Pine Wood Chips

KingWood Pine Wood Chips

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Healthy Low Dust Option For Your Animal's Nest

This is the healthiest option to keep your animals safe from allergies and dust contained in many of today's shredded nesting materials that are available. These small household pets do not have the nasal capacity to process the fine dust particles. Making them sick and shorting their lifespans. 

Lowest Dust Pine Wood Shavings Available

Our pine wood chips are all sourced from fresh cut pine wood drops from our KingWood Manor production shop. First we run wood through a chipper. A clean cage is essential to the well-being of your pet. Then shavings are filtered twice through a special vibration process. Removing the smaller dust particles known to be harmful. 

Good Cleaning Habits Make Happier Healthier Pets 

Frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pet’s home and number of animals in nesting area. We recommend once per week, remove all bedding and wash pet habitat with a mild soap solution. Rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue. Replace bedding with fresh pine wood chips, roughly 2-3 inches deep. Maintaining a clean cage will keep your pet from developing respiratory problems due to ammonia build up in their cage caused by urine. 

Perfectly Sized For Easy Handling And Storage  

Nobody really likes cleaning up after their animals. It's always a chore. With our KingWood Pine Wood chips, you'll get a cleaner nest for your family pets. No wrestling huge bags of shavings meant for the farm. Our bags our just the right size, approximately 5oz., for small to medium jobs. Perfect for kids and senior folks alike. Order them in a smaller 2 pack , or a 4 pack to suit your needs. 

Your Household Will Breath Easier 

Your pets will breathe a breath of fresh air with this low dust option to shredded bark wood, or paper. Better absorption of odors, and lest dust to cling and harden in your animal habitat. It's always nice to walk into the room, not having it smell like an environmental disaster.

Order KingWood Pine Wood Chips for your household and animals today. Experience the difference!


Owls Love Fresh Nests As Well

Our KingWood Owl House Boxes makes it simple to clean up 🧹 Just pull the pin, flip or remove the base, and release debris. Owls are not known for their good housekeeping. 😏 LOL! Once empty, replace the base and pin. We know the routine of being 15 feet up on a ladder trying to accomplish something, is never a pleasurable chore. Therefore cleaning is optional, but for optimal success, we recommend cleaning annually. Refill your owl house box with fresh KingWood Pine Wood Chips.🌲 Mix in some of the native leaves for a familiar scent. Then wait for a new nesting season to begin!🪺

Start your OWL ADVENTURE today!🦉

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Seems to be a good product. Just hope the owls come to our bird box

D. Willingham

very much made of wood

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