KingWood Pine Wood Chips
KingWood Pine Wood Chips Refill
KingWood Pine Wood Chips Refill
KingWood Pine Wood Chips
KingWood Owl House Box Collection
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KingWood Pine Wood Chips

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  • 2 brown bag, roughly 5 oz in size
  • Filled with fresh pine wood shavings
  • Less dust then other wood chips 
  • Perfect for small animal bedding

      The BEST low dust wood shaving option for your small mammals, reptiles, and birds that you love! ❤️ 🐁 🦎 🦜 ❤️

      KingWood Pine Wood Chips come individually packaged. Fresh, clean, and less mess, with a single recyclable brown bag.

      KingWood Owl House Boxes makes it simple to clean up 🧹 Just pull the pin, flip or remove the base, and release debris. Owls are not known for their good housekeeping. 😏 LOL! Once empty, replace the base and pin.We know the routine of being 15 feet up on a ladder trying to accomplish something, is never a pleasurable chore. Therefore cleaning is optional, but for optimal success, we recommend cleaning annually. Refill your owl house box with KingWood Pine Wood Chips.🌲 Mix in some of the native leaves for a familiar scent. Then wait for a new nesting season to begin!