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SOLD - KingWood Pendulum Wall Clock w/ Gear In Silver

SOLD - KingWood Pendulum Wall Clock w/ Gear In Silver

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KingWood Pendulum Wall Clock w/ Gears

You've found the KingWood Pendulum Wall Clock w/ Gears in Silver. This is a gorgeous cedar plank sanded down to a smooth finish and then hand rubbed with a mixture of oils to seal. White wooden gears give immediate POP, with modern silver vinyl to accentuate the shadowed background gears. Staggered at various heights to create more dimension, in this stunning art piece. Pendulum bob Is accentuated in a coordinating color. A spinning gear on the second hand completes the look, giving illusion to a wood plank powered by gears! A modern wooden masterpiece for your home or workspace.

This is an original piece of art, get it today while it lasts! Also makes a great gift for any number of occasions. Thanks for checking out KingWood Clocks Décor & More.


-Smooth sanded cedar plank is hand rubbed with oil sealant, then framed

-CNC precise cut wood, vinyl gears

-Black hands and silver pendulum bob complete the look

-8 inches wide, 23.25 inch length, standing about 2.5 inches off wall to second hand

-High Quality pretested quartz pendulum battery movement, Requires 1(AA Battery) not included

-Sturdy hanger, standoffs with rubber bumpers, keep clock tight to wall

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