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KingWood Squirrel Feeder Swing Basket - 2 Pack

KingWood Squirrel Feeder Swing Basket - 2 Pack

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Enjoy Backyard Squirrel Action!

✅ Sturdily constructed cedar squirrel basket x2

✅ Includes  1 lb. peanut reward starter kit

✅ Four 3 inch screws/washers provided for pre-drilled install

✅ Arm bar and spring are rated for excessive squirrel jumps

✅ Ready to entertain squirrels and humans alike

Squirrels can be pesky!😡 But you can focus that energy, and maybe their destructive tendencies, by simply entertaining them elsewhere on your property.🏡 They are curios little critters, who always seem to need some kinda busy work. 🐿

In comes the KingWood Swing Basket Feeder 2 Pack💡 These swinging feeders will keep your furry lil friends begging for feeding time. Simply hang on your fence line. Minor assembly required to install basket on spring bar. Place a handful of peanut rewards🥜 into basket. Then sit and watch as they investigate and navigate the best ways to retrieve their prize! So much fun! 🎉

A great addition to anyone's yard who enjoys the wilds of nature!🌳 We also have a single feeder pack available. Makes for a great gift giving experience, add a messsage. Also great for capturing some truly shareable viral moments! 📷

✳️ Delivered with all you need to get started, arbors, cedar baskets, install hardware, & a 1 pound peanut reward bag to kick things off

✳️ Arm bar is roughly 12 inches, with basket hanging 16 inches, longer basket hangs at roughly 27 inches

✳️ We offer FREE SHIPPING 📦 anywhere in the continental USA!

✳️ Begin a SQUIRREL ADVENTURE today! 🐿 

KingWood Clocks is not just clocks, 🕰 we have home décor, outdoor living, and great gifts 🎁 for all occasions. Thanks for checking us out!

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