KingWood Little Owl Box
KingWood Little Owl Box specs and flip base for debris removal
KingWood Little Owl Box fun for the entire family
KingWood Little Owl Box all natural pest control solution
KingWood Little Owl Box flip base to dump debris
KingWood Little Owl Box is officially branded
KingWood Little Owl Box ships fast and free
KingWood Little Owl Box tool list for install
KingWood Little Owl Box comes with install tips and youtube video for basic direction
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KingWood Little Owl Box start your owl adventure today

KingWood Little Owl Box

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Owl houses make for an amazing gift giving experience!🎁 Owls are most active through the winter and spring months, and are a joy to watch!🦉👀🥰

Also, small owls are your all-natural PEST control solution! Our NEW item, the KingWood Little Owl Box. From the same small TX🇨🇱 business that introduced the #1 selling KingWood Original Cedar Owl House. Still designed for the smaller Screech Owls that already frequent your backyard. This is a super affordable way to protect your garden, lawn, pets, and family for that matter, from harsh chemicals typically applied around homes. Costing less than a night out with your family, and the rewards of a Little Owl on your property will pay dividends going into the future!💰 One well placed owl nest can protect and maintain up to an acre of property from pest damage. WOW! Let's explore more benefits of Screech Owls!🦉🦉

✅ Owls help protect your property from damage caused by large insects🦗 and rodents🐀
✅ Fun and educational to observe for the new or experienced bird & owl enthusiast 🤓
✅ Well constructed cedar wood owl box provides protection for nesting and raising owlets with a built in predator guard🦉🦉
✅ Pull the pin in front, to release easy clean out hatch, to release debris💩 in the warmer summer months
✅ Owl house kit ships FREE*📦 (3-5 Days) ready for install with mounting screws, washers, nesting chips, & tips for owl box success
✅ Box exterior measures approximately 11.5 inches long x 5.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches tall, 3 inch hole for entry
✅ Interior nesting cavity measures 4.25 inches wide x 10 inches deep x 8 inches in height

Hoo doesn't love❤️ owls? Host an owl in your backyard. It's fun for everyone, young and experienced! Watch them swoop, glide, and hunt. Listen to the owls whinny conversations with their mate. Maybe even experience the magic of baby owlets in the springtime!🤩🦉🦉

Known to be nocturnal and somewhat social creatures. Owls will sit perched proudly during twilight hours, sunbathe, and curiously observe their surroundings. They aren’t typically spooked by children, dogs, lawnmowers... Screech Owls are not aggressive and do not hunt animals bigger than themselves (small dogs🐕 and cats🐈 need not worry)! They control the rodent🐀 population that may inhabit your yard, as well as the large insect 🦗 population. So they are a welcome addition to your lawns and property!🏡

Built from premium weather and rot resistant cedar wood. Roof is pitched for water runoff, sealed with silicone, and provides a decent landing perch. A single 3 inch hole gains entry, with a predator guard hallway to protect interior nest cavity. Inside is vented with angled holes in sidewall, as well as drilled holes into base. Bottom is recessed to minimize backflow of rain water. Pull front pin to release debris in off season. Our owl house kit arrives complete with pine nesting chips. 3 inch screws, washers, & predrilled holes, for easy mounting. An info sheet with tips, owl behaviors, and our personalized KingWood Manor experiences with owls over the last handful of years. We even have an easy install video tutorial to assist you (found on YouTube).📲 

Owl boxes are typically mounted at roughly 10-20 feet off ground in a tree, with overhead leaf🍃 canopy. On the side of a house, barn, or shed with an overhead eave/pitched roof. Or a firmly placed elevated pole. Optimal success when placed in a more southern facing direction. Those northern winds 🌬can be harsh for raising baby owls.

Designed specifically for Screech owls, Saw-Whet owls and other small to medium sized birds such as the American Kestrel. After the nesting season is over, late spring to early summer (depending on region), the owls will typically migrate further north taking to the coverage of green trees. When our temperatures finally reduce, owls return back to their original stomping grounds, to restart their mating, and nesting ritual. So you can expect to host your guest every holiday season!🎄 There’s even an easy clean out hatch on the bottom of box! Owls are not known for their good housekeeping.🤢 LOL!

It’s a visually rewarding learning experience to share at home with your family and friends. Think of all the photo📸 opportunities with your cute new feathered guests!!! This is the perfect little urban owl home for your property.

✳️ We now offer FREE SHIPPING📦 anywhere in the continental USA!🇺🇸 Don’t be left out, get ready for the upcoming nesting season and order your owl house box now! Start your OWL ADVENTURE today!!!🦉

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