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KingWood Platform Bird Feeder Kit | Squirrel Feeder

KingWood Platform Bird Feeder Kit | Squirrel Feeder

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• Sturdily constructed cedar platform for multiple birds

• Mixed bird seed blend included for quick start

• 5 oz plastic scoop for feed measurement

• Two 2 inch screws provided for pre-drilled install to fence or structure

• Arrives ready to attract beautiful birds to your property


Why not make bird feeding the highlight of your day! The simplicity of our handcrafted platform feeder is exactly what your neighborhood birds have been searching for. 🕊 This tray feeder provides a sturdy platform for birds to feed as they stand. KingWood Platform Bird Feeders have the advantage of being easy to clean, with no front ledge in the way. They tend to attract a diversity of bird species, and able to accommodate multiple birds at a time. Their open construction makes viewing birds from all sides easy. You may occasionally get a sneaky squirrel grabbing a quick snack. 🐿

A cedar wood bird feeder makes the best platform feeder, because it's long-lasting. Cedar is less prone to common decay problems, highly resistant to rot, fungi, mildew, and bacteria. This platform feeder measures 11 inches wide, 5 1/4 inch depth, and 3 inches in height. It's natural beauty helps to preserve the environment. ♻️ No plastics found here!

The KingWood Platform Feeder Kit, arrives ready for action with a 1 pound bag of  blended bird seed. Containing seeds such as oil sunflower, striped sunflower, and safflower, nyjer seed, millet, and tree nuts. This blend is designed to attract birds such as chickadees, bluejays, cardinals, sparrows, woodpeckers, titmice, and many more. We have been very successful with this bird seed blend! Birds generally find their food by sight.  👀

Place your new feeder on a run of fencing, or on the side of the house with included 2 inch screws. Birds enjoy color, install near fragrant flowers and lawn art. Having a water fountain or bird bath helps as well. 💧 Included 5 ounce measuring scoop to portion desired amount of bird seed. Steadily feed birds for consecutive weeks, morning and evening. You will be sure to attract a wide variety of new feathered friends!

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