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KingWood Cedar Pendulum Clock In Gold & Blue

KingWood Cedar Pendulum Clock In Gold & Blue

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Here is a KingWood Cedar Pendulum Wall Clock In Gold & Blue. A gorgeous cedar plank sanded down to a smooth finish and then hand rubbed with a mixture of oils to seal. This stunning art piece has hands and pendulum bob painted to coordinating colors. A spinning second hand completes the look. Matte blue vinyl numbers and hash marks make the clock easy to read from across any room. 🕔👀


This is an original piece of art, and the only one of its kind! Handmade with care by artist Ian A. King out of Austin, Texas. Ian has been working on clocks for over 10 years. Also an avid woodworker with over 30 years experience. Each clock has unique styling, wood grain, and an attention to detail. Always striving for new ways to create, Ian"s creativity is driven by his family, nature, and good friends. When you're happiest you do your best work! 🥰

This clock is sure to grab everyone's attention! The natural warm tone of two species of cedar. Combined with regal gold and stunning blue. You'll find yourself gazing at this clock, with its ticking second hand, and swinging pendulum bob. Getting lost in time. Rustic and modern come together for this spectacular art piece. Order now!📲

✅ Smooth sanded cedar plank is hand rubbed with oil sealant, then framed in rustic cedar
✅ CNC precise cut aluminum hands, and vinyl numbers
✅ Gold hands, pendulum bob and blue numbers complete the look
✅ 10 inches wide, 23 inches in length, standing about 2.5 inches off wall to second hand
✅ High Quality, pretested, quartz battery movement, Requires 1(AA Battery) not included
✅ Sturdy hanger, standoffs with rubber bumpers, keep clock tight to wall

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