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Fluorescent Blacklight Tapestry

Fluorescent Blacklight Tapestry

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Grab the blacklight, and get ready to snuggle under your new eye catching banner. A fun and affordable way to style your personal space. Typically ships in 10-14 days. Order yours today!
  • Comes ready to hang and enjoy.
  • Vivid ink print on polyester banner.
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit your decor.
  • Ships FREE to your home or recipient.

KingWood Clocks is not just clocks,🕰 we have home décor, outdoor living, and great gifts for all occasions.🎁 Thanks for checking us out!


Sizes: 150 * 100cm brushed (fluorescent),150 * 100cm Short Plush (fluorescent),150 * 130cm brushed (fluorescent),150 * 130cm Short Plush (fluorescent),150 * 150cm brushed (fluorescent),150 * 150cm Short Plush (fluorescent),200 * 150cm brushed (fluorescent),200 * 150cm Short Plush (fluorescent),230 * 180cm brushed (fluorescent),230 * 180cm Short Plush (fluorescent), customized size, 95 * 73cm brushed (fluorescent),95 * 73cm short wool (fluorescent)

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Tapestry x1


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