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Chakra Spirit Pendant Only

Chakra Spirit Pendant Only

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Crystal gemstones are natural minerals, which have different appearances. Internal ice cracks, surface stone patterns, pits, trachoma, and chromatic aberration are naturally formed to create a perfect gem of a rock.

Handmade and with limited technology. Natural products fuel us with the power of nature! The origins of its growth and production lend to the beauty of this natural wonder. Grab your power crystal today. Also makes a great gift!


Material: Acrylic

Style: European and American

Style: Unisex

Gram weight: About 11-16 grams


The raw materials of this product are pendants made of natural crystal crushed stone, agate crushed stone and handmade synthetic crystal resin. Tiny bubbles and impurities will be generated during the production process

Package Content:
1 x Pendant

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