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DIY Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement Metal Pendulum

DIY Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement Metal Pendulum

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DIY Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement Metal Pendulum


Product information:
Features: Swing clock movement, pendulum, clock hands, complete set of accessories, can be used for DIY clock or used to repair or replace broken wall clocks. Suitable for cross stitch, three-dimensional embroidery, craft clock, frameless painting, grandfather clock, etc.

Suitable for DIY quartz wall clocks, wooden wall clocks, metal wall clocks, craft clocks, frameless wall clocks, replacement of broken clocks, etc.

Movement size: 110*56*20mm

Movement shaft length: total shaft length 20mm, thread height 11.7mm, suitable for 3-8mm thick clock panel

Battery: 1 AA battery (both are 1.5V batteries, the delivery does not include batteries)

Pointer size: measured from the round hole to the end of the needle: hour hand: 68mm/90mm, minute hand: 98mm/120mm, second hand: 100mm, second head diameter 7mm

Pointer color: black

Packing list:
Repairer x1

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