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Alicorn Rainbow Puzzle | 110, 520 Piece

Alicorn Rainbow Puzzle | 110, 520 Piece

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Alicorn Rainbow Puzzle🦄

Imagine putting this colorful jigsaw puzzle together with your child. A magical purple alicorn flying gracefully through a large, arched rainbow. The alicorn has a shimmering mane and tail, and its wings are spread wide, showing off their intricate feather patterns. The rainbow arcs beautifully in the sky, with vivid colors that stand out against the fluffy clouds. The scene conveys a sense of enchantment and wonder, capturing the mythical essence of the alicorn in a colorful serene setting. Put together and display in your little girls bedroom or playroom.👧


Puzzles uniquely help adults and kids alike, by spending quality time over a classic game we all love. All while using our keen skills of observation. Each puzzle comes in a glossy finish. Printed and laminated on sturdy chipboard backing. Each pack includes a reference print to easily put the puzzle together.🧩

Ideal for ages 5 and up. This puzzle promises hours of engaging fun for families, friends, or solitary puzzle lovers. Also makes a wonderful gift!🎁

 110 or 520 piece puzzle and box with picture.

✅ Made from quality laser cut chipboard.

✅ High grade gloss laminate finish.

✅ A great brain teaser. Fun to complete as a team!

✅ Also makes a for a super unique gift idea!

✅ Ships FREE in 7-10 business days.  

KingWood Clocks is not just clocks,🕰 we have home décor, outdoor living, and great gifts for all occasions.🎁 Thanks for checking us out!

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