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3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

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✅ This clock is designed to be an engaging DIY project kit requiring your hands, your mind, and a little can do spirit.

✅ Kit is well designed, with very tight tolerances. Interlocking gears and arbors are cut with extreme precision.

✅ Clean laser cutting technology aids in pieces being easily removed from the sheet of plywood. 

Just follow the easy step-by-step visual instructions.

✅ These 3D designs are inspired by real world clock mechanisms from throughout history.

✅ It's a great brain teaser. Grab the kids. Fun to work together as a team! Rewarding completion with mechanism in action.

✅ Great for home or the office. Also makes a great gift idea!

 Ships FREE in 10-14 business days. Order today! 🚚


 Wood piece: 170pcs

Assembly time: Roughly 6 hours 

Recommend age: 14+ 

KingWood Clocks is not just clocks,🕰 we have home décor, outdoor living, and great gifts for all occasions.🎁 Thanks for checking us out!

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