Welcome To Our New Webpage! Special Coupon Offer

Welcome To Our New Webpage! Special Coupon Offer

Kingwood Clocks hopes you enjoyed your summer vacation! It's back to school, and back to work for us here. We had an excellent river trip. Floating, eating BBQ. Lots of sunshine and good times with friends were had!

We are re-introducing ourselves. We are now a Trademarked ™ business and available on most major sales platforms. The BEST DEALS are still to be had directly from our collection of .coms.

Thanks again for your purchases! As well as follows of all our KingWood social media sites. We wanted to extend an end-of-summer coupon for our loyal fanbase. To be used at KingWoodClocks.com or KingWoodOwls.com to save 25% OFF your next purchase with us. Over the next few months we're excited to be launching some new decor items for your home! So be on the lookout for those. So many unique gift giving opportunities. Christmas is going to be EPIC this year!!!

If you haven't already, please leave us a favorable review (including a picture always helps)! Being a small business can be tough in today's climate. We love to here from our customers! Follow and like us on your favorite social media platforms. Check out and follow our adventures through this semi updated blog on our webpage :)

Good luck with your adventures this coming holiday season! Stop by and see us again. Hope to do more business with you this Christmas. Thanks again.

Coupon Code: SaveMe25

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