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Natural Slate Stone Brass Scale Swing Clock

Natural Slate Stone Brass Scale Swing Clock

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Natural Slate Stone Brass Scale Swing Clock


Material: natural slate clock face + copper pointer + aluminum pendulum
          1. Natural slate clock face, reflecting the beauty of nature.

          2. Hand-cut natural edging and feel the craftsman's spirit.

          3. Laser engraving, brass scale, exquisite and clear.

          4. 0.5MM thick brass hands, exquisite and elegant.

          5. Lightweight aluminum pendulum, exquisite and smart.

          6. Taiwan Sun brand silent movement, accurate travel time (month error plus or minus 30 seconds), stable quality.

Product size: diameter 30cm, overall thickness of about 5cm (simple version of the overall thickness of about 3CM).

Single weight (including independent box packaging): 1.6KG

Box size: 35*35*10cm

A: copper scale - cylindrical pendulum
B: Laser scale - cylindrical pendulum
C: copper scale - wafer pendulum
D: laser scale - wafer pendulum
E: Laser scale - simple version
F: copper scale - simple version

金石之交_06.jpg 金石之交_09.jpg


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