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Magic element water alarm clock

Magic element water alarm clock

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Product model

Environmental water energy clock (small) 88*82*77MM

Weight 80g (excluding outsourcing) service life more than 3 years

Power supply water activated power supply

Color blue red green grey product function time calendar stopwatch

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Hydraulic clock is divided into two types: water activation and water generation. Water activation includes batteries, and water generation does not require batteries. Before purchasing, you should ask the customer service which one you need. Water is the source of electricity for power generation. The chemical reaction is mainly the top 20 elements of the periodic table, free of heavy metals and not harmful to the environment (mainly magnesium and aluminum, which are common in our lives).

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This product can work normally by adding tap water. If the product display is dim or disappears, water or other liquids (except corrosive liquids) should be added until the liquid fills the positive and negative terminals in the container.

Note :(different types of perfume can be added according to personal preference)


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