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Flexible 88-key Roll Up Keyboard

Flexible 88-key Roll Up Keyboard

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1. 49 key soft keyboard (Standard piano key 4 times + 1 key)
2. On its surface, there are rhythm, drum, sound effects, and chord learning function keys to facilitate the user to adjust the mode.
3. There are 8 drum modes with 16 levels of volume control, 32 levels of rhythm control in each mode and a power saving sleep mode.
4. 16 sound functions.
5. 10 point rhythms selection.
6. Built in 6 demo songs for your appreciation and learning.
7. Recording and playback functions.
8. Built-in speaker, fully adjustable volume and lighting system.
9. With a headphone jack (3.5 mm) and a power connector.
10. Easy to roll up for storage and carrying, you can play it anytime, anywhere.
11. Suitable for beginners or more advanced students.

So easy to play, record and edit your music and makes you feel absolutely the same as real piano.

Power supply by USB.Compatible with Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 and OSX, drive free and hot plug supporting.88 keys professional MIDI keyboard.

Can be hand-carried, it can also be rolled up for easy storage in hand bag or carrying case.


Punch Free Screw Stickers, No Marking, Wall Picture, Dry Wall, No Trace Picture Hanging Kit, 10pcs
Material: Acrylic.
Size: 6x6x0.6cm / 6x6x0.8cm / 6x6x1.0cm / 6x6x1.2cm / 6x6x1.4cm / 6x6x1.6cm.
Universal: Can be installed on the cleanest and smoothest wall surface in your home.
Without punch: all kinds of pendants can be installed without drilling holes
Durable: This product all use high quality material injection to thicken the film, strong and durable, not easy to age, it will not damage the surface, no trace, no drill, and it can be repeated by washing with water. 'water
Easy installation: simple, environmentally friendly and convenient to make solid, seamless and free nail paste.
Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
Press firmly on the contact surface.
Contact surface must be clean and dry.
Used on a relatively smooth surface.

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Portable hand-rolled piano*1

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