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Children's Magnetic Maze Toy

Children's Magnetic Maze Toy

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Fun and addicting, these little mazes are great for old and young alike. Sit with your young one, encouraging, and demonstrating to reach the end result. Always a great feeling. Available in many fun characters. This is a great gift for the grandkids for sure!


Size: fish:length*width*thickness 14*14.5*1.2cm

         frog:length*width*thickness 15*14.5*1.2cm

         pink snail:length*width*thickness 13.5*14*1.2cm

         starfish:length*width*thickness 14*15*1.2cm

         duck:length*width*thickness 15*13.5*1.2cm

         turtle:length*width*thickness 12.5*15*1.2cm

         ladybug:length*width*thickness 15*12*1.2cm

         monkey:length*width*thickness 15*14*1.2cm

Package include:1pc

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